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Guest Posted: Sunday, April 9, 2023 9:26:34 PM(UTC)

We have one patient who need two implants (D6010)and one implant for the #14 need sinus lift as well.Also need abutment suppoerted bridge and impalnt crowns.It coast a lot and there is very limited dental coverage.Patiant has UHC with high deductible.We are considering to take pre estimate as patient is wondering if medical billing can add some help.She has high blood pressure,snoring occasionaly,dry mouth symptoms.Extractions were done in diffrent office due to periodontal condition.
I need helo to submit pre estimate for the require procedures as we have tried enough attempts to get the approval by call but sooner they ask the provider's information and we said we are dental office not getting any help.I would like to know if we can sent the health claim form as a pre estimate as we do in dentistry with out writing the DOS or it's totally differrnt procedure.Hopefully some one can guide us better, thank you!