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Guest Posted: Friday, June 17, 2022 1:55:42 PM(UTC)
Should a procedural code be a dental code or medical code for consideration through a client’s Dental Hospitalization coverage within a medical insurance plan?

What are the suggested diagnosis code(s) to cover implant placement?

Is there a specific code(s) for Dental Hospitalization Services? Or, how does one gain the usage of that coverage and/or insurance review and consideration for coverage of the aforementioned?

Does anyone know the criteria for approval[img]null[/img] and/or denial of the Dental Hospitalization portion of an insurance plan? Dental Hospitalization seems quite broad with complete coverage of surgery and all materials involved, is there a more specific criteria list that’s available elsewhere?

Provider: In-Network
Payment: After Deductible,
You pay 5% of the Allowed
Payment: After Deductible,
You pay 20% of the Allowed
Payment: After Deductible, You
pay 40% of the Allowed Amount
and You pay any balance of billed
Hospitalization for Dental Services is covered. Covered Services include inpatient and outpatient
services and supplies (including anesthesia) at an Ambulatory Surgical Center or Hospital is necessary to
safeguard Your health because treatment in a dental office would be neither safe nor effective.