Dental Writer

Intuitive Web-Based Software

Be up and running instantly with an easy web-based EMR for dental sleep medicine, TMD, & oral surgery that gets your ducks in a row for each and every patient.

Powerful Documentation Automation

DentalWriter builds your case of medical necessity with individualized SOAP reports, your golden ticket for medical reimbursement and physician referrals.

Seamless Medical Billing Service

DentalWriter intelligently cross-codes from dental to medical for easy and accurate medical billing. Your integrated billing service concierge will handle the rest.

Intelligent Automation

DentalWriter Plus+ utilizes the intake and exam data to cross-code from dental to medical and generate individualized SOAP reports of medical necessity needed for medical reimbursement and physician communication.

Maximize productivity while marketing your dental sleep and TMD practice all with the click of a button. What will your team do with all of the extra time saved?

Dr. Alan Walker

The Nierman Team is a very well-oiled precision team.! They not only make it E.A.S.Y they are seriously gifted with how they deliver customer service, great communication, and superior professionalism throughout all aspects of the business relationship!

Dr. Kevin Soliday

Nierman Practice Management is without a doubt, the leader in Dental Sleep Medicine insurance billing software and more importantly, keeping its current and potential healthcare professional subscribers up to date with the most cutting edge information.

Dr. Robert Levy

Getting involved with Dental Sleep Medicine and using DentalWriter were two of the best practice decisions I’ve ever made.

DentalWriter Navigator™

The DW Navigator™ gets your ducks in a row by simplifying the workflow with an interactive checklist that provides the essential steps and forms for each case.

Online Patient Intake Questionnaries

Online questionnaires are filled out before the visit and are instantly imported into DentalWriter™ Plus+, saving time.

Customizable Exam Forms

Customizable questionnaire and exam forms maximize efficiency and leave you in control of your visit workflow for dental sleep medicine, TMD, and oral surgeries.

Automated SOAP Reports of Medical Necessity

Your golden ticket to reimbursement and referrals. Powerful SOAP notes/narrative reports are effortlessly generated.

Quickletters™ - Essential Forms

Access over 200 template letters for every need in dental sleep medicine, TMJ disorders, and medical billing in dentistry. For patients, physicians, and insurance.

Precise & Intelligent Cross-Coding

DentalWriter™ intelligently cross-codes dental procedures to medical ICD-10 diagnosis codes and CPT codes right from the exam. No giant coding books needed.

Personal Medical Billing Concierge

The Nierman Medical Billing Concierge Service Integration simplifies medical billing for dental practices so your team can focus on treatment stress-free.

NPM Real-Time Claim Tracker™ & Analytics

Check the status of your medical claims, benefit verifications, and preauths and engage in direct chat with your concierge.

Patients Fill Out DW Online Questionaire

Exam Data is Entered Electronically Chairside

DentalWriter Generates Diagnostic SOAP Report

Dental Writer Populates Submission Ready Medical Claim Form

See How DentalWriter™ Makes It Easy

DentalWriter Plus+ is designed with the needs of dental practices in mind, prioritizing an intuitive workflow, rewarding user experience, and seamless medical billing.

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