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courtneydsnow Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2022 8:01:49 AM(UTC)
Hi Guest!

D7953 - bone replacement graft for ridge preservation - per site

Can be cross coded to:
21210 - Graft, bone; nasal, maxillary or malar areas (includes obtaining graft)
21215 - Graft, bone; mandible (includes obtaining graft)
**use modifier -52 for reduced services when bone is not obtained from patient

D7140 - Extraction, erupted tooth or exposed root (elevation and/or forceps removal)
D7210 - Extraction, erupted tooth requiring removal of bone and/or sectioning of tooth, and including elevation of mucoperiosteal flap if indicated

Extractions do not have direct crosscode - so you can either bill the "D" code on the medical claim (many insurers these days will process "D" codes when they are medically necessary services), or you can use the CPT code below and include a narrative report describing the procedure:
41899 - Unlisted procedure, dentoalveolar structures

You will also need to identify ICD-10 (diagnosis) codes for the claim as well. For example, common diagnosis codes used for bone grafts are atrophy of the mandible and/or maxilla:

K08.21 - Minimal atrophy of the mandible
K08.22 - Moderate atrophy of the mandible
K08.23 - Severe atrophy of the mandible
K08.24 - Minimal atrophy of maxilla
K08.25 - Moderate atrophy of the maxilla
K08.26 - Severe atrophy of the maxilla

There are ICD-10 codes to identify symptoms, diseases, conditions, accidents, etc. If you need help identifying ICD-10 codes, describe your patient's situation and I'm happy to offer you some coding options.

Hope this helps!
Guest Posted: Friday, September 16, 2022 12:06:03 PM(UTC)
I need to bill D7140, D7210, and D7953 to medical. Can someone help me? This is my first attempt at medical billing.